BNC Magnetic Mount for Signal Sticks


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Have you ever wanted to use your Signal Stick on a vehicle? Now you can!

Our new BNC magnetic mount has been testing to have excellent SWR on both bands with the Dual Band Signal Sticks; slap it on top of your vehicle and plug the other end into the BNC adapter on your radio and you’re ready to operate mobile!


  • 2.8 inch (73mm) diameter base
  • BNC-Female connection on the mount
  • High quality 16 foot (5m) RG-58 coax with BNC male connector
  • Protective coating on the bottom to help protect the paint on your vehicle.

A few things to note:

  • Most BNC antennas should work with this, but some may not work as well — putting an HT antenna on a mobile mount changes the SWR. Additionally, some BNC antennas may have enough wind resistance to need a larger base than this. Signal Sticks seem to work pretty well, though!
  • Any magnetic mount will damage the paint on your vehicle over time — we recommend not leaving it on the vehicle all the time.
  • Signal Sticks become limp at low temperatures (<40 degrees F); while that’s often not a problem on an HT on a vehicle it may well cause it to bend enough to interfere with performance.

SWR chart for the BNC Dual Band Super-Elastic Signal Stick on this mount:

SWR good on VHF and UHF ham frequencies as well as on GMRS and MURS. It’s about 5:1 on 220, so not a triband antenna but would still function somewhat.

Additional information

Weight 16.1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in


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