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2022 Black Friday sale will be delayed

UPDATE Dec 1, 2022: The sale will begin on Dec 2, 2022 (tomorrow)! Stay tuned for details…. I need to figure them out myself.

Hi all!

I’m going to make a long story really short — I want to do a sale, I really do. Unfortunately, I have almost nothing *to* sell right now, and I don’t want to take your money when I still don’t have a definite date when that will be corrected.

I am waiting on some improved parts for SMA-M and BNC antennas — I already have them for SMA-F and the ones I have are in good condition. Sadly, those parts which should have been here by now were caught in a shipping warehouse during a 7 day COVID quarantine somewhere in China. I’m told they have been released but I still don’t have any tracking information.

There will be a sale this year!

… I just don’t know exactly when it will be yet. It will last at least as long as the black friday sale usually does and I hope to have a pleasant surprise or two to toss in with it, but in the mean time I ask you to be patient and not spend all your money in other places — save some of it for me! ;-)

As I type this it is Nov 24, 2022 — Happy Thanksgiving all! — and I expect to have parts within a week, but that’s assuming no more unexpected delays. With luck the sale will be in the next two or three weeks, but stay tuned!

73 de KD7BBC

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  1. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to it!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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