BNC-M to SMA-M Adapter


Use a SMA-F antenna on the BNC Mag-mount or with a radio which requires a BNC antenna! NOTE: If you are trying to put a BNC antenna on your radio THIS IS THE WRONG ADAPTER! ;-)

These were custom designed because the Signal Stuff owner (Richard, KD7BBC) *really* doesn’t like the common design out there for use on an HT or the BNC magnetic mount.

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Do you have SMA-F antennas that you want to use on your older BNC radio? Do you have an antenna you want to use with your BNC adapter but you just can’t find it with BNC? We’re not sure we really recommend the second case, but this will do it!

This is also a great companion for the BNC mag-mount to let you put a SMA-F antenna on it.

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