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Last year we introduced the 1/4 wave Signal Stalk and it has been very popular — so now we bring you the Super-Elastic Signal Stalk ½ wave! Still dual band, but now with 3dB

  • Connector: NMO
  • Length: ~40 inches
  • Gain: 144-148Mhz 3.0dBi, 430-450Mhz 5.5dBi
  • Max power: 50 watts
  • SWR graphs coming soon =]

These are super-elastic and should withstand punishment that would destroy any other antenna =] We will keep our standard lifetime warranty, but note that you still need to have all of the pieces. This is a new product, so specifics will be figured out as we go!

In order to fit in our envelopes this antenna has to be shipped disassembled; we will try to include the parts needed to assemble it but we’re still working through details! This antenna was introduced in Sept 2021.

Assembly instructions:

The antenna will arrive in several pieces:

  1. NMO base with logo
  2. Middle matching section with a 3mm hole on the bottom, 2.5mm hole on the top
  3. 3.0mm diameter short wire with silver on top and bottom
  4. 2.5mm diameter longer wire with silver on bottom and rubber cap on top
  5. Large and small size hex wrenches

It should not be possible to assemble incorrectly and have all the parts, but here are the basics:

  1. Using the larger hex wrench, loosen the hex grub screws (set screws) in the base; there are two at 90 degrees from each other. Careful not to remove them entirely
  2. Insert the shorter wire into the base, there should be no silver showing when it is fully inserted. If it doesn’t go all the way make sure you loosened the set screws sufficiently.
  3. Tighten both set screws on the base. They should be pretty tight, but careful not to strip the hex heads on the screws.
  4. Using the same hex wrench, loosen the larger set screw on the middle matching piece — this will be the side with the larger hole.
  5. Insert the other end of the short wire into the middle piece, making sure the set screw isn’t preventing it from going in all the way.
  6. Tighten the set screw on the bottom piece
  7. Using the small hex wrench, loosen the top side of the middle piece.
  8. Insert the silver side of the longer wire into the top side of the middle piece, making sure the set screw allows it in.
  9. Tighten the set screw.
  10. Double check that all set screws are tightened fully — you don’t want it to come out! Some may want to use loctite or similar to ensure everything remains tight.
  11. Enjoy!

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