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Here is a review from a third party (posted with permission)

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  1. Richard

    One thing that I think you should add to your antenna history/description is the weight of the antenna. These are so light, that they really make a difference in the feel of the radio. They feel much more stable in your hand, and are far less likely to tip over when standing up because of the weight reduction on the top end of the radio. I would guess this also reduces the strain on the connector in the radio.

    1. Good thought — I’ll add that.

  2. I believe the demo video with your little boy would be good advertisement on your site!

  3. How many need to be ordered to get a discount? Time frame?

    1. Contact us directly via email at sales@signalstuff.com to ask about bulk discounts; it’s not something we do frequently, but we can talk about it.

  4. Loved the video. Ordered an antenna today to test for our radio group. Keep up the good work!

  5. How much would shipping be to Québec City, Canada for 1 or 2 antennas?

    1. Hi David,

      To the US or Canada shipping is $2 (USD) for one antenna, then $0.50 for each additional antenna. Above $50 USD shipping is free.

      To other countries you’ll have to start checking out and it will calculate the shipping costs during checkout.

  6. Hi there,

    I am wondering if you can ship the antenna to the UK?

    1. I think we can actually ship to most countries.

  7. Looks like I ordered the wrong base :(
    I would have put a note on the order but didn’t see a place for that.
    Anyway, I needed the SMA male, I received the female. Can I exchange these? I think we are local so I could just run by and swap?
    Let me know please.

    1. I won’t pay for the shipping label if you ordered the wrong base, but I will let you swap it. Double check your order recept, though, and make sure that you really ordered the wrong thing and that I didn’t just make a mistake — I’ve never so far shipped the wrong one to someone, but there is a first time for everything.

      If you are local you can come swap it in person; if you aren’t you can ship it back. If I did make a mistake and ship the wrong one then email me at sales@signalstuff.com with details and I’ll send you a return shipping label.

      Looking at the order history I see that you did order the SMA male, and I was pretty sure I shipped you the SMA male — those are the ones that fit the Yaesus, Icoms, etc radios which have an SMA female connector *on the radio* and the antenna screws down onto a nub that sticks out. If you wanted one that fits one of the Chinese handhelds (Baofeng, Pofung, TYT, etc) then you wanted an antenna with an SMA-Female connector on it, which screws down *into* the radio. As I said, if I shipped you the wrong one despite your order then please let me know and I’ll do whatever I need to to make it right.

      Sorry for the trouble!

  8. Hi Richard,

    I bought one of your sma signal sticks at the slc hamfest and love it! I also bought one of your bnc adapters to fit my baofeng. In order to hook up to my new JPole I need a male sma to male bnc adapter. Do you have one I can buy? I’m local.

    1. I do have male SMA adapters, they are $3 and I only ship them with an antenna (haven’t gotten them listed on the site yet). If you want to pick one up sometime that’d be fine, I’d just have to charge $3 for shipping as well and I don’t make any money on it so as a rule I don’t ship them unless it’s packaged with an antenna. Contact me at sales@signalstuff.com for things like this.

  9. Want to buy a signal stick but can’t figure out where to create an account – no links anywhere??

    1. You don’t need to create an account to order a signal stick. Just go to https://signalstuff.com/product/super-elastic-signal-stick/, select the options you need, and click “Add to Cart”. Be sure you get the right connector! Many people confuse SMA-F and SMA-M, but the page has information on which radios it fits. If you still have trouble email us at support@signalstuff.com

  10. I’m interested in your antenna and would like to know how “stiff” it is when using it.
    Does it flop around or stay straight like any other antenna?

    1. They are quite flexible; they tend to me more stiff than most whip antennas (more than any other commercial whip antenna that I know), but far less stiff than a thicker/heavier antenna would be. How much they wave around depends on the temperature (when it’s really cold it’s less stiff, a property of nitinol) and how much you are moving. In areas of marginal coverage you might find that a lot of movement will cause the signal to fluctuate in strength… but then again in those areas a rubber duck probably won’t work at all =]

      There is definitely less rigidity than many antennas in our whips, though.

  11. do your antenna affect any water proofing offered on some HT? a yaesu vx-6r

    1. I’m fairly confident that they do not because I believe the water proofing is around the connector on the radio and does not have any extra requirement on the antenna. That said, I don’t know for sure and you’d have to ask Yaesu about water proofing and 3rd party antennas to be certain. It seems unlikely that water could penetrate into the antenna itself, but I can’t say that it’s entirely impossible and I haven’t done any testing with actual submersion to find out.

  12. How long is the antenna?

    1. The dual band 2m/70cm version is approximately 18.5″ long. The 220 only version which we haven’t released yet will be approximately 12″ long. =]

      1. Hamstudy.org was instrumental in my passing both Tech and General exams recently. I will DEFINITELY be purchasing one of your antennas in order to pay back. However I am definitely also interested in getting a 220 version (since you said you don’t yet have a capability to create a tri-band version), as I have a tri-band HT now, and there is apparently some 1.25m use in my area. Any update on when you might release one? I suppose, in theory, I could just get two, and cut one down for 220 use? But I don’t have any kind of antenna analyzer yet to accurately do this… and I read on another post these things are apparently a beast to cut?

  13. Can you tune one for gmrs only 462-467mhz?

    1. I don’t generally custom cut them, but if you trim yours down to ~5.75 inches long it should work well on those frequencies. Note that this will void the warranty =]

  14. What are the chances you’ve looked at making a tri-band 2m/1.25m(220)/70cm version? Something equivalent in concept to the Nagoya NA-320A ?

    1. I’d definitely like to; unfortunately, I don’t currently have the manufacturing capability to create the coil needed for a triband antenna. It’s something I’ve been trying to figure out :-/

      I will likely start selling some 220 only antennas at some point, but tri-band is beyond my capabilities to do with sufficient quality at this point.

  15. What’s the website so I can order some of these antennas how can I buy some of these antenna’s

    1. To order go to https://signalstuff.com/product/super-elastic-signal-stick/ and choose the connector and color you want, then click add to cart.

  16. Looking at the bottom of the SMA connector, why is there such a big gap between the end of the metal. & the hole for the pin? This will not make contact with the antenna pin on my Motorola radio. Do you make a SMA antenna where the metal at the bottom is flush with the center hole for the pin?

    1. Hi Gary,

      I can definitely see your problem. Unfortunately, the problem isn’t that the SMA connector pin isn’t as deep as it’s supposed to be — the problem is that motorola seems to be using a non-standard SMA connector. The pins on standard SMA connectors actually end about 1mm inset from the lip of the connector; I will look around when we next order connectors, but I don’t know if I can get special “motorola” SMA connectors or not. There hasn’t so far been enough demand for those to make it worth doing any special builds for motorola radios, and if the pin is flush with the lip it won’t fit on many of the other radios (and may well damage the ones where you try, since the center pin isn’t expected to go that deep).

      If you ordered an antenna from us and it didn’t work because of this problem please submit an RMA request and we’ll be happy to give you a full refund. We have also seen a similar issue with a very few of the Baofeng GT-3 radios where the connector on the radio doesn’t allow as much overlap as our standard connectors have. This is the trouble with making them try to mount flush :-/

  17. I’m new to Ham Radio and purchased a Baofeng just to receive for now until I test for technician. Just ordered mine to replace the standard antenna. However I do have an off topic question, I’ve looked into the material Nitinol that you used. I have been collecting materials to DIY a Dipole. I need it to be light and easily taken down when not in use. Would this “memory wire in 2mm or 1.5mm thickness work for the antenna element?


    1. edit: when I first replied to your post I somehow misread and thought you said “jpole”, not “dipole”. Nitinol has a high resistivity; I don’t think it would work well for an antenna significantly longer than the ones we make. You could try it — I even have some long lengths of 1.1mm wire that I could sell you (I get it pre-cut now) for a reasonable price, but it’s difficult to work with because of how springy it is and I just don’t think it would perform well for you.

  18. I am trying to figure out the advantages of one of these over a Nagoya antenna. I can’t find a way to ask this more private. I would like to upgrade my antenna soon. Any help is appreciated.

    1. You can always email sales@signalstuff.com with questions, but I have no problem with answering this publicly.

      I don’t have the equipment to do a meaningful objective comparison between our antennas and another companies, but here are a few advantages of the Super-Elastic Signal Sticks over most other brands (including that one):

      • Very light weight, but still extremely durable. We use stronger wire than other whip antennas but are lighter weight than the thicker clubs
      • Super-elastic — you can literally tie these in knots to store them
      • Lifetime guarantee — what other HT antenna can you drop your radio on, break the connector off, and send it back to get a replacement?
      • All sales support HamStudy.org and other ham radio endeavors.

      I hope that helps!

  19. Richard, my stick arrived today, Thanks! Quick question. The red cap that covers the threads, is there a trick to removing it? It seems to be epoxied on and I don’t want to break anything in the removal. I just wanted to check to see if I need to do anything special other than brute force.


    1. Hi Casey,

      This happens sometimes; usually I use my leatherman to try to get it to turn in place first, then grab it and work it back and forth a bit until it comes out. I’m generally pretty careful to keep the epoxy from getting too thick, but I might have missed one. If you have too much trouble getting it off (or the cap breaks and you can’t dig the remnants out) let me know and I’ll get you a return label so you can send it back and I’ll send you a replacement.


      1. Thanks Richard, will do.

  20. I want to thank you for this website. The way it is organized and walks you through the tests is great. The flash cards start out going through a small loop of questions, and adding more as you progress. It moves on pretty quickly as you master the information but it repeats the missed questions several times so you begin to remember the correct answers in short order.

    I did not realize that after passing the technician test they would offer me the chance to take the General test, so I had not studied at all for the general. I did pass the Technician test with a perfect 100% so I tried the General and missed passing it by two questions which I didn’t feel too badly about, considering I had not prepared for it.

    I began prep for the general and whizzed through it in a few days and began working on the Extra class test also. A month has passed and the next test session was this morning. I am happy to report that I passed the General, missing only a couple questions and I also passed the MUCH more difficult Extra Class test also! (yes I missed more than a couple but I was still 80 some percent!)

    The way the system starts slowly and builds your knowledge base as you learn the material is really remarkable… at least it worked well for me!

    On a side note, I bought one of your antennas and it works really well… so much better than the original rubber duck that came on my FT-60!

    Thanks again!

    1. We’re glad it’s been helpful for you!

  21. I need to contact someone in charge of the hamstudy.org website because I am having trouble registering. As a “Guest”, yesterday I went through all the flash cards and then “registered” using my email address and accepting the “Terms”. I then received a message to check my email inbox to finish the process. The problem is I have not received any message in my inbox or spam box and there was no way for me to enter a password. Today, the website says there is no account for my email address so I tried to re-register and the same thing happened. There is no way to enter a password. Please HELP!

    1. For help with hamstudy.org please email support@hamstudy.org

  22. Gentlemen,
    I don’t know how you do it, but these antennas are wonderful! The TX/RX is increased beyond anything I expected. Even after reading the reviews.
    Well worth the purchase price, and helping a great cause!
    Many Thanks.

    1. We’re glad you are pleased =] How we do it is simple — we do the math, we do real-world tests, and we make changes as needed. With hundreds in use in our local area (we sold them locally for 10 years before offering them online) we’ve had a lot of feedback. Most improvements actually have nothing to do with performance, just with durability.

      73 and thanks!

  23. Hi there. Just thought I’d leave a note thanking you for the hamstudy.org site. I passed my Tech, General and Extra tests yesterday all at once and I do believe hamstudy.org had a good deal to play in that. I tried to donate but it was forcing me to create a paypal account which I don’t want to do, so I decide to buy a couple of your super-elastics antennas.

    Anyway thanks again for the site and keep up the great work!



  24. I have not gotten a confirmation on the antenna I ordered a few days ago. Did you get the order?

    1. Hi Scott,

      It might be worth checking your spam folder; your order was received and you should have received both a confirmation email when the order was placed and another email with the tracking number when the order shipped. I’ve emailed the info to you from a different account in hopes it’ll reach you. In the mean time, your antenna shows out for delivery today so you should have it soon =]

      Queries like this are most effectively addressed to sales@signalstuff.com, just for future reference (and for any others reading this comment who may find it useful).


  25. Hi Signal Stuff!
    I got my antenna a few weeks back and have a question.
    What is the expected impedance of the antenna at ~145MHz?
    I realise that the antenna is part of a ‘system’ comprising the antenna, the metal parts of the HT, and my body, to which it capacitatively couples. However I see a large disparity between the impedance presented by this antenna and another known good antenna.
    I took readings with a ‘tiger-tail’ 19′ counterpoise in place on the VNA to help with the missing coupling to me.

    1. Hi Gerry,

      It’s always interesting to see these come in, because everyone who puts it on an analyzer gets a different result =] I can totally understand your confusion, and I’ll try to answer it.

      The first thing to understand is that the affect of all of the other parts of the system is *significantly* greater from the perspective of the antenna analyzer than you seem to expect; if you want to get an “accurate” read of the antenna (and that term is still arguable) you will need to put a choke balun (or large ferrite) at the end of the feedline where the antenna connects. You’ll find that the length of your tiger tail will be able to change the “center frequency” by a surprisingly large amount.

      Here is an analysis I did with a wide band analyzer: https://signalstuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/g.png

      Different antennas are affected by this different amounts, so your other “known good antenna” is probably a significantly different design.

      At the end of the day, my recommendation is this: try it out in real conditions, see if it works. If you aren’t happy, you’re welcome to send it back =] We have always stood by our products and we always will… I have had a number of people express concern or even send the antennas back because of what they saw on their antenna analyzers (and each tells a different story), but it is very rare that someone is unhappy after giving it a real try.

      Hope that helps!



      1. Hi Richard…
        thanks for the detailed reply.
        Could you share with me how you connected the antenna to the spectrum analyzer? Presumably some form of reflection bridge, but what else?
        I’m curious to know what I’m missing to get an accurate reading.

        1. I’ve reproduced that with several different analyzers, but that particular one was a Rigol DSA815-TG with Rigol’s overpriced VSWR bridge. I then connected a standard 50 ohm coax, ran it to a stand away from other forms of metal, and put a large ferrite bead around the coax just below the connector. I connected the antenna through a barrel (it was a BNC, I believe) and attached a tiger tail.

          Most likely the thing you’re missing is the ferrite; you should be able to use any type of choke balun, though.

  26. How well will this antenna work on the commercial 155. freq?

    1. Eh, middling. It’ll be usable, but probably not amazing. You could improve it by cutting about 1.25″ off the end, but that would of course void the warranty. If you plan to do that let me know in the notes and I’ll include a spare tip you can put on after clipping.

  27. I bought one of these antennas a couple of months ago – what a great antenna!! I highly recommend. Works great on my Baofengs and my Kenwood D74. I initially bought it just to support hamstudy.org, but this antenna is a must buy for your HT’s.

  28. Just got my second signal stick today for my Radioddity GD-77 handheld DMR radio. This antenna is awesome. I can work a repeater that’s about 10 miles from my home that is unusable with the stock antenna. I’ve been using one of these antennas on my Baofeng FM transceiver for a few years and they are virtually indestructible. Great antenna for a good price.

  29. Picking up a new 144 / 220 / 430 MHz TRIBANDER Kenwood TH-D74A Any idea how your antenna would work on the 220 Mhz

    1. “ideal” SWR on 220 for this antenna is about 5:1… you could probably use it if you needed to, but it’s not going to perform particularly impressively for you. I do have some monoband 220 antennas that I just don’t have in large enough quantity to advertise, but they cost the same as the other antennas. I don’t currently have a design for a tri-band 220 antenna that is viable, so there are unfortunately no plans for a triband so far :-( (I’d like one too =])

      Nagoya has a triband with 220 that has worked decently for me so far. It’s not lightweight and lacks many of the advantages of the signal sticks, but it does seem to work.

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