BNC Connector Cover – Rubber (1pc)


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As of Jan 15, 2022 all BNC Signal Sticks come with a rubber cover on them — however, that cover fits older signal sticks as well, so these are available if you want to retro-fit one onto your existing Signal Stick. It fits all Black BNC connector signal sticks and should fit relatively recent Chrome ones as well, but we aren’t sure if they fit really old ones or not =]

Again, these are included on all new BNC Signal Sticks!

Note: While we make no guarantees on what these will fit, they do so far fit every BNC connector we’ve tried them on — much to our surprise! They definitely fit both the BNC connector on the BNC mag-mount cable and the protective cap that we ship on the BNC Mag-mount itself. If you find something it doesn’t fit let us know!

As a reminder, we have a $10 minimum on all orders.

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