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New in Nov, 2020, Signal Stuff finally has a vehicle mount antenna!

This is still in early stages of testing and we don’t have a large quantity yet; once they are out of stock they will be out of stock for at least a few weeks until new parts arrive.

  • Connector: NMO
  • Length: ~20 inches
  • Gain: 144-148Mhz 2.5dBi, 430-450Mhz 4.5dBi
    • 1/4 wave on 2m, 3/4 wave on 70cm
  • SWR graphs coming soon =]

These are super-elastic and should withstand punishment that would destroy any other antenna =] We will keep our standard lifetime warranty, but note that you still need to have all of the pieces. This is a new product, so specifics will be figured out as we go!

In order to fit in our envelopes this antenna has to be shipped disassembled — you will need a small hex key (2.5mm) to assemble it.

Note about backorders: When we are out of stock on this item it is usually because we’re either out of the special wire or the connector bases that we use; each of these are custom made for us and have to be ordered. If it is out of stock it may be 2-4 weeks before it ships, though we try to stay ahead of it. Since it’s a new product and we don’t yet know how well it will sell we’re still working out the logistics of keeping it all in stock =]

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