All Super-elastic Signal Stick antennas are sold with a lifetime warranty. In short, if it breaks then we will fix it. To request warranty support please email requests to with a picture showing the problem as best you can.

If the antenna is not working we will sometimes attempt to troubleshoot via email as it is often more efficient than sending things back and forth.  If there is a good story then please include that too for our entertainment =]

NOTE: If you are requesting an RMA you *must send us a picture of the antenna* before the RMA can be completed. If you aren’t sure what is wrong with the antenna the most common things we need pictures of are the connector (preferably at a slight angle so we can see how intact it is) and looking into the connector so we can see the positioning of the center pin.

Please email for assistance and include a photo if appropriate — returns and warranty will not be processed without one!

International Customers: Unfortunately, international shipping is so expensive that we have to limit international warranties. The following restrictions apply for all international customers:

  • For international customers the warranty will only cover factory defects, not accidental damage or breakage due to antenna wear and tear.
  • Unless the antenna arrived defective or damaged you will need to cover shipping costs for the replacement.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience — I wish I could fully support markets outside of the US, but I am unable to do so at this time.

14 thoughts on “Returns

  1. I would like to order an antenna. I have a Yaesu VX-5 tri-band handheld but I am not sure what type of antenna I would need. Could you please help me and let me know what my choice(s) are? I live in West Valley City, Utah. Thank you. KB7AVB

    1. See

      The Yaesu VX-5r radio needs an antenna with a SMA-M connector on it.

  2. I ordered and received a male connector but when I received it I realized I should have ordered a female connector. How do I return this male and get a female connector?

    1. Email and we’ll get you figured out. No worries!

  3. I’m wondering if you have any reports of use or testing of this antenna on the 1.25M Band. I have a Tri-Band radio and am interested in using it if it will cover the 3 Bands well. Any info you can provide will be appreciated.

    1. I have personally tested the dual band version on 1.25 meters and I have made contacts on local repeaters with it; that said, both mathematically and looking at measured SWR (which, btw, requires more than just an antenna analyzer — that’ll usually be inaccurate due to the analyzer changing the antenna system) performance on 1.25 meters with the dual band 2m/70cm version should be pretty much awful.

      In other words, the only reason it won’t damage your radio is because your radio (all radios these days) is smart enough to decrease power if needed so that reflected power doesn’t harm it.

      We do have monoband 220 antennas which you can use, but we don’t have the manufacturing capability to produce a tri-band antenna which is up to our standards.

  4. I am looking to buy the antenna for my Yaesu FT-70DR. I will be getting the SMA-male version. My question is do I need the rubber spacer? Put another way, what is that spacer’s function?

    Please advise.

    1. I don’t *think* you will on the FT-70; the function of the spacer is just to fill the gap and make it look better. It may also offer a *very* slight improvement to water resistance on some radios (but the signal sticks themselves aren’t specifically water resistant, so only slight) and a slight improvement to mechanical strength as well, but primarily it’s just aesthetic. The length of the SMA post differs from radio to radio (even with the same brand, sometimes even with the same model) so with some the antenna will tighten down right against the body of the radio and some will have a small gap; the spacer is just a 1/4″ ID, 1/2″ OD, 1/16″ thick rubber washer which fits nicely around the SMA post between the radio and the antenna.

  5. I was good to see you this morning, I appreciate your support of the events in Salt Lake and hereabouts. Thanks too for what you do with HamStudy.

    I picked up a couple of new antennas this morning and a washer for IC T70a. The washer fills the gap very nicely. Looks a lot better with it in place.

    A quick question about the BNC mount for my IC V80. The old one locked on and off with an easy twist. The new one is very tight. I couldn’t lock in down with my bare hands. I had to grab a rubber pad my wife uses for opening bottles. Is this a problem? Will it hurt my HT to put that much pressure on it?

    Vern, K7VMR

    1. Hey Vern,

      Some of our newer batch of connectors do that; if you have a metal file you can file the point that catches the nub just a bit and it’ll fix it right up. Shoot me an email at if you have any trouble!


  6. Hi, I have a Baofang BF-F8HP, I am not sure what type of antenna I would need. Could you please help me and let me know what my choice(s) are?


    1. You can find that information on the antenna page listed when you choose a connector type under the models which that connector type fits… but what you need is an SMA-F.

  7. I just want to say that my Signal Stick is flipping AWESOME! I have both SMA-F and the BNC versions and I just ordered 2 more and a buddy if mine ordered and received his this week. TEXANS LOVE THEM SOME SIGNAL STICKS!!!
    I don’t have any fancy Dylanthium Crystal testers or a Data Instruments oscilloscope like I did back in my JSTARS days but I did get in my good ol’ F-150 4×4 and take off through the pasture doing Comms checks with my buddies until I ran out of pasture. Then I hit the hardball and drove until I ran out of it. Then I hit a 2 lane hard too and was still doing commo checks back to the back 40 firing line where my brothers were. We got a solid 4-5 miles out of this antenna. I was using a PRC-152 with a Signal Stick. They were using a 14.5” whip on another PRC-152. They were picking me up 5×5 when I had lost Comms with them. I did the same trick with the same 14.5 whip and got maybe HALF of that distance with it. We validated our super high-tech intergalactic method of sine wave measuring (meaning I jumped back in the ol’ F-150 and lit out across the pasture again) and were convinced the Signal Stick was in fact an antenna of superior quality, flexibility (Semper Gumby) and RANGE. This is the only antenna I want on my handhelds or on the radios in my kit. I did not have a hard time securing the antenna to my chest rig was I wasn’t pulling a Ralphie and putting my eye out.
    I highly recommend this antenna and the price is fair as a $2 piece of apple pie and that’s about as fair as fair gets. These guys no doubt, are Jedi level radio geeks and you should just come on over from the dark side and hang out in the light (and in range of your bro’s radios) and buy their antennas. If they sold a toilet paper holder I’d probably buy that too!
    Thanks Signal Stick for making such an awesome product and for providing it at what I consider a fair price for the value and immediate impact it brings to our Comms capabilities. Keep up the good work!!

  8. Hello
    I am interested in a Chrome SMA-F to BNC-F Adapter. I see only Black. Do you have them.

    Thank you
    Happy Thanks Giving

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