Super-elastic Signal Stick: BNC

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Please select the frequencies and color that you want below — the “classic” signal stick is “Dual Band” and “Black”.  All signal sticks come with a Glow in the Dark tip.

STOCK NOTICE November 2022: I have temporarily discontinued backorders on this product; we should have things back in stock by the end of November. We are waiting on new parts from one of our manufacturers which should have arrived already but was delayed due to government-mandated quarantines in China. Very sorry for the inconvenience!

PLEASE check the connector against the pictures before ordering — many people mix up connector types and genders!

This antenna is often used with other connectors through one of our high-quality adapters:


Quantity Price each
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6-10: 10% 6 - 10 $19.80
11-20: 15% 11 - 20 $18.70
21-49: 20% 21 - 49 $17.60
50 and up: 25% 50 + $16.50
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Connector: BNC

Please look at the images to make sure you have the correct connector! We usually have two or three orders per month that are sent back because the customer mixed up male vs female (the gender is determined by the center conductor, not by the threads!).

These are hand-made, ultra lightweight, and nearly indestructible antennas which outperform the stock antenna your handheld radio came with by a significant margin. Originally designed to use as a fundraiser for a youth group, sales from these remarkable antennas now provide funding for HamStudy, ExamTools, and other initiatives which help support the Amateur Radio community.

All Signal Sticks are hand made; if you are looking for perfection in aesthetics then these may not be for you, but our design is continually evolving in order to provide better looking, better functioning, and above all more durable antennas.

Works with many older handhelds and some newer ones. We don’t have a comprehensive list — it would be very long! — but you’ll know it if you have it.

See Ham Radio School’s What’s that connector on my HT?. If the center conductor on the SMA connector on your radio is a socket, this is for you.

Though our BNC connectors are all black now they are still metal, just with a conductive black coating! It is low resistance so won’t cause any issues and is very hard. Over time the black coating may wear out some and show the metal underneath — this is just part of using metal with a coating, nothing we can do to totally prevent it.


The Signal Stick is not designed to be used on a radio such as the Icom IC-705 and the SWR will likely not be as low as you’d hope; the quarter wave design has no artificial impedance match and works purely on resonance, which is why it works so well — but the impedance and thus SWR is influenced a lot by the ground plane / counterpoise, and the antenna system on a base radio looks nothing like that of an HT plus your arm, etc.

Some users have reported simply not being happy with the performance (though we’ll point out that SWR is only half of what determined antenna performance) and others have reported good luck by adding a counterpoise to the antenna (such as attaching the shield to station ground, adding a 19″ wire to the shield, etc).

We have recently obtained a 705 for testing and have been experimenting with different configurations; so far it seems to perform quite well, but the SWR is about 3:1 which we understand will concern many of our customers. As we learn more we’ll update with recommendations.


  • Frequency range:
    • Dual band version – 1/4 wave on 2 meter (144-148Mhz) and 3/4 wave on 70 centimeter (420-450Mhz)
      • SWR has been measured as low as:
        • 1.3:1 @ 146Mhz
        • 1.5:1 @ 440Mhz
        • This SWR chart was taken using a balun to isolate the antenna and a ~18″ tiger tail to stabilize the SWR. Take it with a grain of salt, but it’s fairly accurate as far as it goes.
        • While it’s intended for Amateur Radio use it has been found to work acceptably on MURS or GMRS frequencies as well!
    • Single band 220 version – 1/4 wave on 1.25 meter (222-225Mhz)
    • Single band 440 version – 1/4 wave on 70 centimeter (centered at approximately 440Mhz but adequate even on GMRS)
  • Power limits:
  • Length
    • Dual band version – Approximately 19″ long
    • Single band 220 version – Approximately 12″ long
    • Single band 440 version – Approximately 6″ long
  • Custom designed 3d printed tip and connector cover providing unprecedented strength
  • Made of Nitinol, a very resilient and ridiculously flexible nickel-titanium alloy
  • Extremely light-weight — reduces connector strain on your radio!
  • Hand-made by hams in Utah
  • Lifetime guarantee!
  • Nearly indestructible

Additional information

Weight 0.63 oz
Dimensions 20 × 2 × 0.5 in
Frequency Range

Dual Band 2 meter / 70cm (19" long), Single Band 220, Single Band 440


Black, Silver (clear), Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue, White, Brown, Violet, Pink, Glow in the Dark (full length)

8 reviews for Super-elastic Signal Stick: BNC

  1. adamwilliamson14

    Love my signal stick. Recently purchased an MFJ 332 BNC mini mag mount. When I’m in my wife’s car I’ll throw that up with the signal stick to get the antenna out of the car. Works pretty well, much better signal than from inside the car. Very portable. Doesn’t bend in the wind as much as you might imagine.

  2. JAMES REYNOLDS (verified owner)

    Great antenna! And glows in the dark!

  3. Shane (verified owner)

    Very happy with the quality and superior build of this antenna. The SS team did it again! SWR is perfect right out of the box! Using this with the IC-705. works well, Might need counterpoise in some cases.

  4. Isaac (verified owner)

    I put it on my wouxun kg-uv9p now I’m been getting very good feedback on sound quality and Receiving quality has improved greatly

  5. Robert (verified owner)

    I’ve broken countless major name antennas and gave this one a shot for my radio that I leave with my Yaesu FT-60 that’s attached to my emergency pack.
    I have two more on order for my everyday radios already! Great antenna especially considering the price!

  6. Patrick Breedlove (verified owner)

    Significant improvement on signal reception from the stock rubber duck that came with my Retevis RT85. Can’t wait to get my license and start broadcasting.

  7. AC9DJ (verified owner)

    Very fast to ship, ordered Friday after dinner, Monday lunch it’s on my radio. Has made a huge difference in both transmitting and receiving on my Kenwood TH-F6. Out of the package it appears to be quality made. Will be ordering another for my other HT.

  8. Richard Phillips (verified owner)

    Nice antenna! Looks decent, quality is solid, and it definitely works better than the stub that came with my radio. I like the fact that it comes in colors.

    I was actually able to listen to the AO-91 repeater satellite on 145.960 MHz with this antenna on my FT-60; I got a minute+ of good reception on a recent high-elevation-angle pass by just holding the HT + this antenna horizontal. Pretty impressive for a whip!

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