Super-Elastic Signal Sticks

This is what we are best known for! These are hand-made in Utah at the QTH of Richard Bateman, creator of HamStudy, ExamTools, and SignalStuff. They come in three models (Dual Band, 440 monoband, and 220 monoband).

The dual band is designed for 2 meters / 70cm (144/440Mhz) but also works adequately on MURS, SAR, and GMRS frequencies. The 440 monoband also works on GMRS frequencies

Adapters for HTs

Want all your handheld radios to work with the same adapter? Looking for a way to use an antenna on a radio it didn’t come with? These are the adapters you are looking for! Most of these have been customized and we guarantee you won’t find better quality anywhere else.

HT extras / add-ons

Options for Mobile operation

Stationary operation

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