Factory Second: Super-Elastic Signal Stick

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NOTE: When first put up we had a lot of these that had built up over the years; some may get added as I find them in my car, in the garage, etc. That said, if the one you need is out of stock there is no guarantee that it will ever go back in stock and I definitely can’t tell you when it would. I also don’t announce it.

Requests for a particular color, look, style, etc …. will be completely ignored. Ya get what ya get (and ya don’t throw a fit) ;-)

Waiting for them to be “back in stock” is not strategy I would recommend.

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Please make sure you order the correct connector for your radio!

These are guaranteed to be completely functional but may have something aesthetically either wrong or strange about them. Examples include:

  • Previous generation parts (3d printed plastic, old model, etc)
  • Experimental design or colors which we never officially sold or else no longer sell
  • Purely aesthetic damage which was sustained during shipping to a customer and then returned
  • Imperfect repair after a factory defect
  • Refurbished after a repair
  • Minor amount of “remembered” bend in the wire which does not impact performance.

You can pick the band and the connector — you don’t get to choose the color. You may choose to return it for a refund within 30 days but you will pay return shipping.

… all that said, these are a great deal if you don’t really care what it looks like and just want a working signal stick!


Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × .1 in
Frequency Coverage

2m/70cm dual band, 220 monoband, 440 monoband

Connector type

SMA Female, SMA Male, BNC

3 reviews for Factory Second: Super-Elastic Signal Stick

  1. andrewrudlang (verified owner)

    Very happy with the one I received, it works great, thank you.

  2. Daniel

    It doesnt get much better than Signal Stick. Im a new Ham and I know next to nothing about antenna theory. However, Ive made more contacts on my Signal Stick (portable HT) and my Signal Stalk (mobile antenna on my Tahoe) than I have with crazy coil fed whip antennas that claim to the best. Signal Stuff is the go-to for me.

  3. Dean

    Got the 440 version. Works great. I have no idea why the one I got was considered a ‘factory second’.

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