Signal Staff Collapsible OSJ

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The Signal Staff is a dual band 2 meter / 70 cm Open-Stub J-pole from S&K Antenna Systems!

This is a new antenna for us here at Signal Stuff made by S&K Antenna Systems who are friends of ours and have assisted in many aspects of Signal Stick manufacturing! We will have more information as we go, but to get them up and listed we’re working incrementally.

The base to this is designed to mount with a 1/4″-20 threaded screw such as is commonly used to mount cameras; this makes it easy to use a portable tripod or any other mount used for cameras. If you want to mount to an antenna mast please select “Add an angle bracket for mast-mount”

  • Dual band (2m / 70cm)
  • Strong, rigid construction
  • Easily fits in your go kit!
  • SO-239 connector
  • Lifetime warranty against factory defects; damage due to misuse or accidents are on you.

You can find assembly instructions here. Read below for more information!

NOTE: You will need to provide your own coax to connect this to your radio. If you plan to use it with a handheld transceiver (HT) we recommend using a BNC adapter that fits your radio and then get a PL-259 to BNC coax to make the connection.

Mounting hardware (+$0.00)

This antenna mounts to a 1/4"-20 threaded screw like is commonly used for mounting camcorders and cameras on a tripod. If you want to mount on a mast you need a right angle bracket which will allow you to add a U bolt (not included) to mount on an antenna mast.

No extra mounting bracket will be includedU-bolt and other hardware not included


Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

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The dual band Signal Staff might just be the best antenna for a portable go kit; though fully assembled this antenna is about 60 inches tall, it collapses to fit easily in a small bag with the longest piece only 11.5″ long! Pair with a simple foldable camera tripod and you have an antenna you can carry around with you wherever you want to go which can handle as much power as you want to push into it!

full sweep SWR

  • SWR as low as 1.06:1 on 146MHz
  • SWR as low as 1.37:1 on 440Mhz
  • This antenna can easily handle 500 watts — we haven’t pushed the limit to see what the max power capacity is, but suffice it to say you aren’t likely to hit it.
  • Collapses to a super portable 6″ x 12″ x 3″ (maybe smaller), weighs only 2 lbs (900 grams).
  • SO-239 connector (UHF female)
  • Designed by real hams, made in the USA

Need a BNC adapter to help connect this to your HT?

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 0.5 in

5 reviews for Signal Staff Collapsible OSJ

  1. Jason Connor (verified owner)

    A must have, and an incredible value. I live in the virgin islands and I have to say I am impressed with the portability, quality and robustness of this antenna. I am pleased with the signal quality and look forward to other possible bands. This is also a great scanner antenna and makes a great addition to my emergency preparation communication system. Thank you!(make sure to order the optional bracket)

  2. Dan Finney (verified owner)

    I love this antenna. It fits my situation in 2 ways. 1. Portability. I live in a condo and can set this antenna up in minutes and reach repeaters in town. 2. I can take it with me for SOTA and when in mining camp I can have a base operation setup. Thank you for this amazing, well constructed antenna. Im sure I will get years of use with it.
    FT3DR, TM-261A KL4ZU

  3. Martin Mauersberg (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic antenna. I live in a HOA restricted neighborhood and I mounted it in my attic. The fact that you can hang it is invaluable. I am about to get a 2nd one for mobile operations.
    DE W1GX

  4. Eric (verified owner)

    Excellent antenna. I used it for a SOTA activation on a 13,000 peak in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Paired with a Yaesu handheld. Made 7 contacts including one 86.7 mile contact to another climber on Mt. Bierstadt. I’ll be using it for an upcoming ham 14er/SOTA event in the Colorado mountains.

  5. Bobby D

    Used this antenna on a camera tripod during 2 meter SOTA activation today W6/NS-121 and made 31 contacts with all great signal reports! I highly recommend KN6IWN
    Note: it’s a bit heavier but super solid construction and handles up to 500 watts I believe.

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