Super-elastic Signal Stick: SMA male

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Some radios have an abnormally long SMA post on them which leaves a gap between the radio and the antenna. You can add on a spacer to fill that gap if your radio has that issue.


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Connector: SMA Male

Please look at the images to make sure you have the correct connector! We usually have two or three orders per month that are sent back because the customer mixed up male vs female (the gender is determined by the center conductor, not by the threads!).

These are hand-made, ultra lightweight, and nearly indestructible antennas which outperform the stock antenna your handheld radio came with by a significant margin. Originally designed to use as a fundraiser for a youth group, sales from these remarkable antennas now provide funding for HamStudy, ExamTools, and other initiatives which help support the Amateur Radio community.

All Signal Sticks are hand made; if you are looking for perfection in aesthetics then these may not be for you, but our design is continually evolving in order to provide better looking, better functioning, and above all more durable antennas.

The SMA-Male connector fits

  • Icom:
    • ID-51, ID-31
    • IC-T70, IC-T90, IC-T91, IC-T92, IC-F50, IC-M88, IC-Q7A, IC-R5
    • many others — any Icom HT which has an SMA connector
  • Yaesu:
    • FT-50R, FT-60R, FT-70R
    • VX-3R, VX-5R, VX-6R, VX-7R, VX-8R, VX-150R, VX-170R, VX-177R, VX-270R, VX-277R
    • FT-1DR, FT-2DR, FT-3DR
    • DOES NOT FIT: FT-65, FT-25, FT-4VR, FT-4XR
  • Kenwood:
    • TH-D7A, TH-D7E, TH-D72A, TH-D72E, TH-G71A, TH-G71E
  • Alinco:
    • DJ-V5, DJ-V5T, DJ-V5E, DJ-G7, DJ-G7T, DJ-G7E
  • Many (but not all) Wouxun handhelds
  • Baofeng UV-3R (but not most other Baofeng models!)
  • HamShield
  • Many others

See Ham Radio School’s What’s that connector on my HT?. If the center conductor on the SMA connector on your radio is a socket, this is for you.


  • Frequency range:
    • Dual band version – 1/4 wave on 2 meter (144-148Mhz) and 3/4 wave on 70 centimeter (420-450Mhz)
      • SWR has been measured as low as:
        • 1.3:1 @ 146Mhz
        • 1.5:1 @ 440Mhz
        • This SWR chart was taken using a balun to isolate the antenna and a ~18″ tiger tail to stabilize the SWR. Take it with a grain of salt, but it’s fairly accurate as far as it goes.
    • Single band 220 version – 1/4 wave on 1.25 meter (222-225Mhz)
    • Single band 440 version – 1/4 wave on 70 centimeter (centered at approximately 440Mhz)
  • Length
    • Dual band version – Approximately 19″ long
    • Single band 220 version – Approximately 12″ long
    • Single band 440 version – Approximately 6″ long
  • Custom designed 3d printed tip and connector cover providing unprecedented strength
  • Made of Nitinol, a very resilient and ridiculously flexible nickel-titanium alloy
  • Extremely light-weight — reduces connector strain on your radio!
  • Hand-made by hams in Utah
  • Lifetime guarantee!
  • Nearly indestructible

Additional information

Weight 0.1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 0.1 in
Frequency Range

Dual Band 2 meter / 70cm (19" long), Single Band 220, Single Band 440


Black, Silver (clear), Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Violet, White, Brown

1 review for Super-elastic Signal Stick: SMA male

  1. delta.water.bravo.1994 (verified owner)

    Excellent order in accuracy and speed. I was told it may be about 2 weeks for shipping, but I’ve received the antenna in about a week.

    The Signal Stick is pulling in RX that the other aftermarket antenna I was using couldn’t find. It’s well made and it’s a bit taller, thinner and lighter than I was expecting…that’s actually a good thing in my opinion. I chose the blue dual bander. The blue makes it stand out but not in an unpleasant manner.

    Overall EXCELLENT!

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