BNC Magnetic Mount for Signal Sticks

Antenna sold separately!

NOTE: This is appropriate for the BNC Signal Stick but does not work with the NMO Signal Stalk antennas.

Some customers have found that the protection provided by the vinyl on the bottom of this mount is not sufficient by itself, so we have developed an additional rubber sheath than you can purchase for improved protection. We also now have BNC Male to SMA-M and SMA-F adapters for if you want to use a SMA-M or SMA-F antenna on this!


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Have you ever wanted to use your Signal Stick on a vehicle? Now you can!

Our new BNC magnetic mount has been testing to have excellent SWR on both bands with the Dual Band Signal Sticks; slap it on top of your vehicle and plug the other end into the BNC adapter on your radio and you’re ready to operate mobile!


  • 2.9 inch (74mm) diameter base. 1.4 inch (35mm) tall without an antenna, for storage.
  • BNC-Female connection on the mount
  • High quality 16 foot (5m) RG-58 coax with BNC male connector
  • Protective coating on the bottom to help protect the paint on your vehicle.

A few things to note:

  • Most BNC antennas should work with this, but some may not work as well — putting an HT antenna on a mobile mount changes the SWR. Additionally, some BNC antennas may have enough wind resistance to need a larger base than this. Signal Sticks seem to work pretty well, though!
  • While we hope to improve this in the future, some people have found that a little extra padding on the bottom helps to protect the paint on their vehicle. We are actively looking into ways to improve this, but there is only so much we can do before we place another order from our supplier and only so much they can (or will) do on our request =] A 3″ diameter thin piece of rubber or felt may be a good idea.
  • Any magnetic mount will damage the paint on your vehicle over time — we recommend not leaving it on the vehicle all the time.
  • Signal Sticks become limp at low temperatures (<40 degrees F); while that’s often not a problem on an HT on a vehicle it may well cause it to bend enough to interfere with performance.

SWR chart for the BNC Dual Band Super-Elastic Signal Stick on this mount:

SWR good on VHF and UHF ham frequencies as well as on GMRS and MURS. It’s about 5:1 on 220, so not a triband antenna but would still function somewhat.

Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in


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