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2020 Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale

Wow — this has been quite a year! So far this year:

  • The pandemic led to the need for fully remote exams, which mostly use our ExamTools system
  • SignalStuff owner Richard, KD7BBC, changed to half time at his day job (this has always been a side project, did you know?) so he could spend more time on HamStudy and ExamTools development — all funded by sales from this site!
  • We partnered with S&K Antennas to bring you the Signal Staff
  • We introduced graduated volume discount pricing for Signal Sticks
  • We introduced colored Signal Sticks — including a fully Glow In the Dark signal stick, because you know you want one ;-)
  • And most recently (in the last few weeks) we finally have a vehicle mount super-elastic antenna, the Signal Stalk!

So, it seems like a good time to celebrate =] And so we introduce to you the 2020 Black Friday Sale:

Starting on November 27 until the end of November 30, all Super-Elastic Signal Stick antennas, Super-Elastic Signal Stalk antennas, and all adapters will be 20% off regular price! Unfortunately the Signal Staff OSJ costs too much to make for us to do that, but we’ll still be marking it down 10%.

So the prices are:

Did we mention that the HamStudy app will be on sale for 25% off? $3.99 $2.99

This is the only sale we do, so get ’em while they’re hot!

Disclaimer: due to a persistent desire not to see our children destitute and living in the gutter, these sale prices *will not* combine with the regular volume discount pricing.

2 thoughts on “2020 Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale

  1. I don’t understand how I get the Black Friday deal

    1. Just wait for it to start on the dates mentioned in the post :) so you still have another 20 minutes or so… :)

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