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Happy World Amateur Radio day!

In honor of this day we are offering free shipping on all orders to anywhere from today (April 18) through Friday, April 21, 2017.

Free shipping valid for both T-Shirts and Antennas.

73 to all!

Update 4/19/2017: It has come to our attention that the free shipping was not correctly configured on the online store — those who placed orders anyway have been refunded the shipping cost and we sincerely apologize to anyone who was affected. The problem should be corrected now.

5 thoughts on “Happy World Amateur Radio day!

  1. Does this apply to shipping to Canada as well?

    1. I just double checked my map of the world.. Canada is on there, so yes ;-)

  2. Hello, I have a Yaesu VX 5 R and a 6 R, and need an antenna to work on them not sure by reading that they will be tri bands..neither too sure of its range of frequencies covering, to decide. Thanks for claering my mind. Rgds and congratulations. Cristian Escudero

    1. VX-5 and VX-6 both need antennas with SMA-M. While we do not have any tri-band antennas you only need a tri-band antenna if you use all three bands, which most people don’t; we do have monoband 220 antennas so you could get one of those as well and switch if you want.

      (note that the post you commented on was in 2017 and the sale mentioned is long over)

  3. I Am a Novice
    Not sure of athg yet
    I mean no real experience in communicating!
    I guess the 10m

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