SMA female glow in the dark

6 thoughts on “SMA female glow in the dark

  1. I’d love to have one of these. Just got my second sma female and it’s black. Was this a special item?

    1. I make these every so often, but it gets exponentially harder to manage stock the more colors I do, so these days I generally only make black w/ glow in the dark tips :-/

  2. I would like a glow in the dark female sma.
    Please let me know when/if they would be available.

  3. Sorry I didn’t read your response carefully and I just looked at the two signal sticks I have and realized the tips are glow in the dark.
    Very cool.
    If you are inclined to come up with one that has a glow in the dark base as well please let me know.
    Thanks again,
    Happy New Year.

  4. How is the illumination powered or how long will the luminescence last ?

    1. The glow in the dark parts are all regular phosphorescence; it absorbs light (mainly UV light) and will glow for a time afterwards. I find that after a good “charge” (being in a bright area) you can see it really well for a few minutes and in a dark room can see it for hours.

      This post is from a very early version, but we now have full GITD antennas.

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