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SMA male antennas are back in stock

Thanks in part to several hams in Utah and Salt Lake counties who assisted, we now have SMA male antennas back in stock.  I have black and yellow in my hand right now, but red and blue antennas will be done in about four hours; not in time to ship today (Jan 1), but does mail run today anyway? =]  They’ll be ready to ship tomorrow, and our stock will build up as we finish applying the final two steps of antenna construction.

For those interested, the final two steps involve sealing the wire into the connector and applying the coat of rubber which gives them the color and nice finish at the end.  Rubber coating the SMA male antennas without getting any inside the connector requires us to use plugs and we have a limited number of those, which slows down the final stage of production.

In the mean time, just know that we’ve been working hard *all year* this year to get the SMA-male antennas back in stock as we’ve had a surprising number of people asking for them.  I’ve also re-enabled backorders, since even if I don’t have any ready when you place the order it will only take a day to get them ready, which isn’t so long to wait in general.

73 and happy New Year to everyone! May your 2016 be full of friendly QSOs and fascinating toys Amateur Radio equipment.

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