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Cyber-Monday sale

Just for kicks and grins, we decided to join the whole “Cyber-Monday” thing. So, today only (Monday, Nov 30 2015) all of our antennas are 25% off. That’s right, $15 / each instead of $20 / each!

All still carry the same lifetime guarantee and all profits will be donated to support development of

MSA-male antennas IMG_7233 IMG_7221 IMG_7240

5 thoughts on “Cyber-Monday sale

  1. Hello,
    I have a Baofeng UV-82. Can you comment your antennas performance compared to the one that comes stock? I also have a UV-5R. I just saw a link to your site in a Yahoo Group and an interested.

    Lastly, I always hear about the Nagoyas. Any comparisons with this one? Thanks for any information.

    1. Well, keep in mind that you’re asking for opinions about the antennas from the people who hand-build said antennas =] Secondly, we do not have adequate tools to do exact comparisons, so all I can tell you is anecdotal and educated estimates.

      Compared to the stock antenna, I would expect between 3db and 5db of gain on 2m (this is based on manufacturer reports on other antennas which are built on the same principles). The Nagoya antennas should theoretically be in the same range, but anecdotally I have had quite a few people tell me that the Signal Sticks work better than their Nagoyas… but that’s not exactly a precise measurement. Without disassembling the Nagoya antennas to look at exactly how they are built, I can’t be sure what components they may have, but I’d say there is a chance that the Nagoya could be as much as 3db of gain on 70cm over our antennas; they also might be identical.

      There is a matching section needed to make full use of the antenna at 70cm; it won’t work any worse than the stock antenna on 70cm, but the difference on 70cm won’t be nearly as significant.

      Finally, the Super-Elastic Signal Sticks are hands down more durable than *any* other antenna on the market; we are so confident that we provide a lifetime guarantee. If you manage to break it, ship it back to me with info on how you managed it (I’ll be curious) and I’ll send you a replacement. I have shut mine in both car doors and regular doors, and I regularly keep it coiled in my pocket or jump kit. I actually ship them coiled.

      I’ve had a few people say they were going to review them but haven’t seen any indication that they have done so yet. I figure any review I put up is suspect by nature of my bias (though I’d like to point out that having a bias doesn’t make me wrong), and I haven’t been too worried about it since I usually have more trouble keeping them in stock (I build them by hand and periodically have to order more supplies from China) than I have in selling them. We really build them just as a fund raiser to keep all paid for.

      1. I have one for a Baofeng UV-82. It definitely works better than the stock antenna… and I actually think the UV82 stock antenna is decent. I am able to get clearer signal than I was before this antenna. One thing to note, is that when you hold the antenna and listen, as the antenna whips back and forth, I noticed on my UV82 that you could hear static as it flexed… Not sure if its the antenna or the radio… but the antenna works great!

        1. When the whip moves enough it will cause some attenuation of the signal — this is the one downside to whip antennas. I find that it still is generally better than the duck, though.

          There are two different dual band antennas that you find on Baofeng radios; a longer one and a shorter one. Sounds like you got the longer one, which actually seems to be a pretty well designed antenna. The shorter one is one of the worst designed antennas I’ve ever come across.

          1. Yes, even with the attenuation, it is still MUCH better than the stock antenna. I just know some HAMs seem to really be “aware” of that type of thing… but I plan on getting another antenna when my new Yaesu is delivered! Great antenna!

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